331. Sunday Rambles

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I don't know what it is about Sunday's, but my body clock just seems to let me sleep a little bit longer. I'm usually up around ten each morning, ready to start my day. However, on Sunday morning that is all out the door. I sleep in to at least eleven. Yes, I know oh so much later, but its better than nothing right. I love the weekend's, even though they aren't much different than the rest of the week for me. I guess that's because I work from home. Many go out to work at some office or another locale for five days a week, and here I am day in and day out working from home. Now, I don't make as much as I would if I found a job outside the home, but I make more all the time. I just need to find more writing work. A year ago, I wasn't even making what I am now.

Things keep changing, and like I said yesterday sometimes change is a good thing. Change is a natural part of life, and you can't just stop change. Speaking of change, I have an all new Blog of the Week ! This week the honor living on my sidebar for a week goes to Undercover Angel with her blog, Stellar Winds. She's a published author from reading her profile, and I keep seeing her blog up over on BlogExplosion's Battle of the Blogs. She seems to talk about a variety of topics from Star Jones to embarassing moments and pick-up lines. That's just from her front page. Why don't you head on over and take a look? She'll be staying around here until next Sunday.

This weekend I've spent watching movies. I've watched The Pelican Brief and The Exorcism of Emily Rose yesterday, and today I'm watching Must Love Dogs. All three were good. I'm watching Must Love Dogs right now actually, and I've always been a huge fan of Diane Lane. Unfaithful is one of my favorites movies, and although she's aged just a bit she is still good looking. I've been meaning to see this movie for awhile now, but I never caught the beginning. Today I caught it just before it came on HBO, so here I am watching it.

It is a perfect lazy Sunday to end the week with, and tomorrow is Monday. Another crazy week begins. Have a great Sunday night everyone!


Thank you for letting me hang out with you this week, and thank you for the warm welcome!

Gina said...

You're welcome!

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