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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just as I am getting ready to go to bed, my connection goes out. I wait the usual minute it takes to come back on. Nothing. Five minutes later. Still nothing. Ten. Same. Twenty. I'm getting mad. Television is still working. Checked all the wires and their connections. Reset the modem like suggested. Finally call Cox, my cable company. Everything looks fine.

Did you reset the modem?
Let's do it again.
Did you check all the wires?
Well, there is no outage or work being done, so we can set up an appointment for Thursday, which is tomorrow really when you think of it.
Yes, but that is still almost 36 hours, and I work from home.
Oh, well we have a great business program ...

You have to love the sales pitch. Set the appointment. Then went to check all the wires again. He said to check the splitter, so I took all the wires off and then put them back on. Came back into my bedroom where the computer is, and it was working again. Let's cross our fingers it keeps working. If it does, I'll cancel the appointment tomorrow afternoon, well according to Cox man, really its later today. At least its working. The flashing light was bugging me!


Vanda said...

Good luck, hope it's fixed for good now. I would get hot flushes if mine went out LOL.

SSR said...

Good luck, and come visit our blog anytime.

Gina said...

goes out sporadically for 30 seconds or so, but when it goes past that I freak out too. I'm used to not having an always on connection. My modem loses sync all the time.

Thanks for stopping by I'll check out your blog.

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