Are you ready for some football?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yes, I know it is barely April, but people are already starting to talk about the football season ahead This week the schedule for next season was announced, and the first game will be played on September 4th, and the season will end on December 28th. It was nice having the Super Bowl here in Phoenix this year. When I went to the concert last week, we drove by the football stadium, and it is just massive. I'd love to go see a game this year if the Cardinals can get their act somewhat together. The draft is next weekend, so I'm sure we will have some buzz from that too.

Once we have a better idea on teams and who is going where, people can start planning their seasons and making their nfl picks. Fantasy football players can start getting the action soon too. I play a bit of fantasy football myself. Mostly on the free games. I just don't see the need to pay money to have a little bit of fun, even if my brother is always telling me that we should jump into a paid game. Maybe we'll give it a try one of these years. It all depends on the cost of it, and what is involved. I like the simplicity of the free games I've found.


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