Checking Things Out

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yesterday I was bouncing around the forums and groups I participate in. I'm trying to get more involved with things. I'm trying to meet people and make more connections. When you write for the online world having connections is important. Having your name known and recognizable to people can only help you. That is if they don't know you as that evil person that did a, b or c. It all depends on what a, b or c is and just how bad it is.

We all know how to make friends as well as enemies. Some are just destined to never get along. I know I have people in this world that I've crossed paths with I never want to speak to ever again. If we all got along all of the time then I am of the opinion that this would be a very boring place. There are many ways to meet people. I've met people through blogging in one form or another in the past seven years. I've met some from the various sites I've joined and the emailing lists I've also been a member of.

Not too long ago I discovered the 3GB community. I've mentioned it briefly, and since then I've watched the community continue to grow. It now has over 600 members, and it keeps adding new features for its members to use and make new connections with. Now they have their own shoutcasts, and they want DJ's for it. It looks to me it is becoming a hopping community. If you want to take a look and possibly take part, head here to join 3gb community


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