Customer Service Woes Made Right

Monday, April 07, 2008

About a month ago, I ordered a poster on eBay. I am an avid eBay shopper, and I hadn't had one problem receiving any item I had ordered from eBay yet. This might have been the first. I ordered a poster from the film Troy. I waited for it to arrive, and it didn't. Waited almost two weeks, and it still hadn't. I contacted the seller, and they said it had been sent. If it didn't arrive by that weekend, let them know. No poster by that weekend, and I contacted them again. They tried to push some of the blame onto the fact I live in an apartment building, but the building and its staff have a strong system in place with the postal service here.

Something wasn't right, and we finally picked up on it. They said I ordered two posters when I had only ordered one. Made them aware of the fact, and they discovered my poster was more than likely sent with another Troy order going to France. They promised me to get me a new shipment in the mail immediately, and today I am happy to say I have my poster and a second one free for the mix up. Both are in excellent condition, and they look great on my walls. By sending the second poster at no charge, the seller made me a happy customer.


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