A New Week Begins

Monday, April 14, 2008

Here we are on Monday, and it is the start of a brand new week. Have you ever noticed how quickly time seems to move when you're not waiting for something to happen? Since November, I'd been waiting for the Bon Jovi concert, and then it was here and I went on Friday night. It was a great concert, and I had such a good seat for it. I was fourth row in the first side section, so I was level with the stage, and the guys were not more than 30 feet away from me for most of the night. Daughtry opened the show with a hot forty-five minute set, and Chris Daughtry came back out to sing a song with Jon halfway through the show, Blaze of Glory. I've always loved this song, and it was a great duet.

Jon always knows how to put on a good show, and he didn't disappoint here. He was on stage for almost two and a half hours, and he knew how much we all paid to see him. Concert tickets are so outrageously priced these days. My ticket cost me one hundred and fifty, and concessions at the event were even high. A beer was a little over seven, and that was just for domestic. If you wanted imported, that cost you eleven. I had such a great time at the concert. It was definitely worth the wait, and I hope it isn't four more years before he makes it back out here. I'd go all over again next time they make it in town.


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