The Little Guy

Saturday, April 12, 2008

When I go shopping these days, I always seem to go to the big chain stores. I know they are everywhere around the country, or at the very least my state. There are smaller stores though. Back when I used to live in California, I used to see more smaller chain stores. I don't see them as much out here in Arizona. Smaller chain stores are usually family run, and they typically have more personal service and give the customer full attention. One such chain store is Spears Appliance - Family Owned & Operated Since 1929. The store is in its third generation, and it has been open almost as long as my father has been alive. So many stores come and go, but here you know they will be there for you if something happens with your purchase. I know I like that. Sometimes it isn't a bad idea to go with the little guy.


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