Crazy Sunday!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Yesterday was our church's yearly festival. It is a small event with mostly food as the main attraction. There is a book fair, bake sale and also a silent auction with a car on raffle for the cost of a hundred dollar ticket. My dad and I always end up going each year. This year we had a few problems. We still have only one car in the house, and my brother had a tournament this weekend. He said he would be back in time for us to go, but he never made it. He says he called to let us know he wouldn't, but we were both up around the time he says he called and the phone never rang.

We did make it to the event though. My dad and I ended up taking the bus the two miles we needed to. We had a good time. The only thing that amused me is that it cost less to buy alcohol at the festival than it did to buy some of the food items. Usually it is the other way around. It was two dollars for a beer, three for a margarita and four dollars for a hamburger. Even more for an italian sausage sandwich. It all went to the church though. That's a good thing. It just amazes me how fast a year moves. It feels like we just went last year.


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