But we have success!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For the past few days, I've had to go looking for a new fan for my computer. As I mentioned earlier, there was a small mishap during cleaning last week. My CPU fan is non-standard, so I needed to hunt for a replacement part. The first place I called said I might need to hold while she called China. That is insane, but if there was no other way to get the part then it would have to work. Unfortunately, I couldn't call China myself. Last year, my dad cut off the long distance on our house line. None of us here call long distance much, and my brother has a cell phone that covers long distance in the US for free, but China is not in the US last time I looked.

There are ways to call long distance without having long distance on your line though. There are prepaid phone cards, which I have bought a great many of in the past. I think I lived off of phone cards when I was in college. With phone cards, you can call just about anywhere in the world. They come in handy I think. Different phone card companies have different prices, but they all seem to be lower than what you pay through the big name phone companies. Right now, I don't have to call China. The new fan came this morning, and after spending some time trying to figure out how to install it, the new fan is in. I had a few distressing moments trying to figure it out, but I finally did. That is the important thing!


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