What is Collodial Silver?

Monday, April 07, 2008

The other day I talked about skin care. Taking care of the outside is important, but taking care of the inside is just as important. The last few months have been hard. Flu season strikes every year, and I think everyone had it this year in my house. My brother had it the hardest out of the three of us. There are different ways to take care of yourself. Before you get sick there are vitamins. My dad takes them everyday. I watch him take them every morning before he goes to work. He's in his eighties, and he is still healthy.

Once you get sick though, there are things you can take as well. Antibiotics are big, and some are even calling colloidal silver nature's own antibiotic. What is it though? Some believe that small particals of silver can help kill infectious bacteria. It is a particular science, but it is being said to work. I'm not too sure about colloidal silver though. They say drinking it can help improve your health. It is metallic though. Do I want metal flowing through my bloodstream? In the past, collodial silver had been used by doctors as an antibiotic. Today, it is used as a disinfectant in hospitals.That's an interesting little fact actually. I guess this is one of those things to make you go hmm.


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