A Crazy Day

Monday, April 14, 2008

Today has been a bit crazy, and it is barely after one in the afternoon. For the past few weeks, they have been working on the patios and decks of our building. Today, they are redoing the middle landing of our stairwell. They poured new cement about an hour ago, and it will take about five hours to dry. My brother keeps getting emails about the tournament he is running with his sports club this weekend, and my printer is running on overtime. I've been telling him for weeks now that we need a new ink cartridge for my printer, a color one, because the printer isn't printing as clear when color is involved anymore, but he still hasn't picked one up. He does this. I should be used to it by now, but most of the printing on my printer is for him. It is only fair he picks up the tab for the ink costs.

Ink can be so expensive these days though. Things only seem to keep going up in price. Not just with ink, but with everything. When you can find a deal on something you need, you go for it. With the Internet, you can find cheap laser toner and ink cartridge refill if you look hard enough. Some sites even have other information on how to solve problems with your ink cartridges, or how to save ink. My printer gets a lot of use these days, so both would be good to know for me. I checked out the prices for ink for my HP printer, and they seem to have some good deals on the cartridge I need. I might need to just go on ahead and buy my own ink cartridge. I'll keep checking for good prices, and see what I can find.


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