Friday, April 18, 2008

For the past few weeks, I have been wanting to buy a new mouse and keyboard. I had a nice wireless set, but the keys on the keyboard had long since faded away to nothing, and I told myself if I ever saw a good deal on a new set I would buy it. Today was that day. I took a ride up to Staples, and they had a Microsoft set on sale for almost half off. I decided to grab it, and I'm using it now. I'd been looking at this site for a long time, and I couldn't resist grabbing it. Now comes the adjustment time to it.

My dad is on his way home from work, and I saw a deal he might be interested in. My family has been talking about getting my father his own cell phone, and after our little scare last night, I've been thinking about it again. He works, and he is an active senior. Just because he is 83 years old, he hasn't stopped living his life now. A cell phone would be ideal for him, and there is a new cell phone company that is marketing themselves to seniors, Jitterbug. They have a number of monthly and pre-paid plans that look reasonable and are less than other providers.

Sitting here watching my dad walk in the door, he isn't as fast as he used to be, and I know doing the simple tasks are getting harder for him to do. It would be nice to know he has less to think about if something were to happen.


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