Thinking Back

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Growing up, I would always look at my mother, and I would wonder how she managed to look so young. When she passed on, she was a woman in her fifties that looked much younger than that. Up until the last couple of years before her death, she was able to turn the head of many a man. She would always get told how pretty she was. She really took care of herself. No plastic surgery. She would never even think about it, but I remember she used to have all these creams she would use for her face and skin. To her, skin care was important. She tried to get me started taking care of my own skin at a young age, but it never caught. I still look young for my age. At the age of 32, I was carded to buy alcohol just a few months ago. That one made me laugh.

These days there are various products to take care of your skin. Some companies such as Borba even offer programs where they ship you the product you order to you automacially when they know you'll need more. This makes life just a bit convenient for you. You don't need to remember to order new shipments. Every couple of months, my mom was always going to buy more, and sometimes it was out of stock. That made it an extra hassle. We would need to go from place to place to look for her specific products she liked using. Today you have Age Defying Complete Skin care Solution. I'm not sure how you can defy aging. It is a natural process, but it seems you can at least help yourself look younger than your years. In time, they might be able to make it that you never look a day older than you want, and then they will work on raising the age of death to near immortal levels. That is a long way down the road I think. I'm not sure if I would want to live forever. Would you?


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