Late night TV Reminiscing

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I'm up again. I don't know what it is in me that has my body clock so out of whack. I went to bed at 10, and here I am up at 3:45 in the morning. I will go back to bed here in a bit, but I never let myself lay there when I wake up and can't immediately go back to sleep. I either get on the computer or turn the television on. There is hardly anything on at this hour that isn't bad porn or Nick @ Nite. It's true . That is pretty much your selection at this time of night. It is making me miss my television.

I want Lost back already. I want Moonlight back. I want my Grey's Anatomy back. I've been going through withdrawals without that show the last couple of months. Lost and Grey's are my favorites on television. I started watching Grey's Anatomy for Katherine Heigl. She has always been a favorite of mine. Ever since the Roswell days. Her and Emilie de Ravin have done quite well for themselves. Katherine has jumped into movies and found some success there, and she even has her own line of medical scrubs inspired by the ones she wears for her character Izzie.

I remember when they came out a few months ago. I actually laughed a little because it was amusing that she had the line out. Some actresses make clothing or perfume, but she is the first to make cherokee medical scrubs. At least the first that I know of. Her line is fun though, and her various scrubs including her dickies scrubs and Barco metro scrubs have been well received by those in the medical industry that need to wear scrubs on a daily basis. It allows them to put a little flair into their daily attire. I guess it still amuses me that she put a line of scrubs though. It is kind of hard for it not too!


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