I Will Never Understand ...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My sleep habits. I seem to go back and forth from staying up late and going to bed early. The earlier I go to bed the more of a chance I have of waking up during the night at least once and bouncing online for an hour. If I go to bed later, I seem to sleep in. That is if you call 7am sleeping in at all. For me it is, but that is because I am the one that somehow always wakes up at 4am and sits there for an hour. 7am is much better than 4am. I'm sure many would agree.

I woke up to some good news on the television front that I'm about to post about over on Teevieo. There might be hope for The Sarah Connor Chronicles coming back next season. Fox has been really quiet on that front. A lot of my favorite shows seem to be still up in the air. I've been wondering on the fate of The Unit all week, but there has been no word on it at all since the strike was on. I hope it comes back.


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