I Love My Competition Shows

Monday, April 14, 2008

Who is watching American Idol and Dancing With The Stars this season? I watch both weekly. I always skip the audition rounds in Idol, and then watch it once it hits Hollywood week. Sitting through four weeks of auditions is just boring to me. Things are starting to really heat up now as we hit the final seven. Michael Johns was eliminated last week after singing one of my favorite songs by Aerosmith, Dream On. I see him going on from this experience though. I think my favorite of those left now is David Cook. I'd like to see him win, but who knows if he will.

As for Dancing With The Stars, Marlee Matlin just amazes me each and every week. She can't hear one beat of the music, but she is still spot on with her dance moves. Jason Taylor and Mario are also impressive. This competition is wide open really. Any of the celebrities can win this season. I'd love to see Marlee win though. She is so spunky and great.


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