The Week From Hell

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back on Sunday afternoon, my computer suffered one of those fatal errors. Explorer crashed and kept crashing. I was hit by some kind of virus. I did a restore of my system. Reinstalling all the programs I needed. I hadn't done one of these in nearly three years, so I guess it was time. Sunday night just before I could install my virus protection, I was hit again. Thought I got it all, but my explorer started crashing and reopening, and I had pop-ups up to my neck. Did another restore. And another because one of the sites I regularly visit was hacked and infected my Internet Explorer. I didn't realize that or what it was doing until after another restore.

Once I figured out the problem, I was able to disable the problem add-on, and I think I'm okay now. You don't realize how much you depend on your computer until you almost lose it. I think I'm okay now. Virus program installed. Spyware remove installed and running. For a minute there, I thought my computer might be toast, but some work on my part and a lot of late hours, things are now running smoothly. I hope. I'm crossing my fingers anyway. That explains my absence the last few days. I hope all are well.


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