Giving Back

Friday, April 04, 2008

I always like to hear about people giving back to the community. Some are just so focused on their own lives that they never seem to give back to the world around them. I love hearing stories about people doing good deeds. If they have it, they should give back. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are two big names that immediately come to mind. They give so much back. They are big names with a lot of drama surrounding them, but they always help when they can. The rent to own industry is helping out where it can with people that lost their homes in the floods in Washington. Brad Pitt has been helping out in New Orleans as well with his Make It Right foundation following the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina.

I've always wondered about renting to own. It seems rents just keep going up higher. I have seen this myself with a hundred dollar price hike in my own rent this year. It would be nice to see that money going into a property instead of just disappearing every month. I know each state is different, and there are always changes in the industry, as there is with anything new. You can always check out for information through rent to own state associations or try to keep up on rent to own news. I'd love to own my own home one day, but I don't see that happening for quite some time. Renting to own might be the way to go though.


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