All in the name

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A few days ago, I talked about finding good web hosting. That is a search many people go on when they decide to make a home for themselves on the World Wide Web. Something else they may consider is finding a domain name. A domain name is just like your own name. It signifies your home and place on the web. You want it to be unique, and you want people to recognize it immediately. It is your name, and you want it to be yours and yours alone. You really don't want someone else to have the same exact name as you.

Once you think of a name for your space, it comes time to register it. There are many sites out there that will let you do just that. Some cost more than others, and some offer other things that go along with your name. When it comes to domain name registration, there are so many places to go to do just that. Once you register your name, you need to remember to pay for that name yearly. That might sound kind of weird to do because that name is yours, but there are names that do end up getting quite popular. People want them! I doubt this will happen with the name you pick for your personal blog, but you never know. That might just happen. You just need to think big and think of a name that best describes you and your content.


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