Released: The Real Deal

Saturday, March 08, 2008

My first fiction publication was just released by Torquere Press this weekend. This is a gay erotic romance short where Caleb finds himself in a predicament. He doesn't know his best friend is in love with him! This is my first story in print so to speak, and its an exciting day for me. A lot of work, years and tears. I'm hoping it is the first of many. Check it out.

THE REAL DEAL by Gina O'Neale

Caleb has a problem. He hasn't had sex with a man in a long time, even though he wants to. His best friend, Kyle, decides to help him out, getting him a male escort for a night he'll never forget. By the morning light things seem very different, though, and Caleb finds out that Kyle has something else to give him. Can Kyle make Caleb understand how he feels?


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