Thoughts on The L Word Season Finale

Monday, March 24, 2008

I have watched the season finale to The L Word's fifth season three times now, and each time it just makes me a little bit more angry. The one sixty minute episode wrapped up many of the season's problems, and it cause new ones that I'm sure will be dealt with when the show comes back in 2009. However, I think it wrapped up everything too quickly. If you haven't watched the episode yet, stop here.

In this episode we see the return of Helena Peabody from a hut in Tahiti. Her mother is supposedly on her death bed, and she decides to give Helena back her money, and then she tells her to use it to help her friends. This leads her to buy She-bar and I am hoping The Planet back from Dawn. She just comes back and saves the day. Problem solved. Adele, who we know is major witch, goes from having no girlfriend at all to having a beautiful lady. There will be more problems with the movie next year. Nice Jodi turns into a major witch, and the one that tops everything for me is Jenny and Shane. I know Shane is the slut to end all sluts, but come on she would not even think about screwing around with her best friend's girl. That is just what she does here, and she has totally ruined a friendship. The only way I can see this being a good thing is if Jenny and Shane somehow are meant to end up together when the series returns next year for what is now being called the show's final season. I have no idea what the writer's were thinking.


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