The No Good Very Bad Day

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yesterday, was just a really bad day. It started with the weirdest sleep schedule ever, and then it just went on from there. They started jackhammering outside my front door, and I mean that literally. Then my MP3 decided to have a major system error that I couldn't somehow fix. Luckily, it hadn't been thirty days yet, so I took it back to the store and I ended up buying a new one. A better brand with some more features. I'm hoping there are no problems with it. The only thing that tripped me up was the battery. It has one of those life time batteries.

All you need to do is plug the player into your computer's USB port, and it will recharge it. That confused me for a bit, but once I figured that out I see it as a good thing. The USB connector is even built in as part of the player. It just slides out of the bottom, and you're all set. It sounds better than the first one I bought, which it should. I paid double the cost for it. Good news is I have a better player, and they finally turned the air conditioning in our building on this morning. Having ninety degree days with no air was killing me. I guess there is always good that comes with the bad. That always makes the bad not so bad after all.


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