Finances Always Trip Me Up

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If there is one thing I've consistently mentioned here on my blog is my family's finances. We have our daily struggles with it, but we keep moving forward as best we can. Yesterday, we received my new credit card statement. A certain amount goes to this every single month. A couple of years ago, the credit card was maxed out, and I had to have them close it and put us on a special program so we could pay it off. We are doing that slowly but surely. Back then, it was over $16,000, and now it is just a bit over $4,000. I'll be glad once that is paid off. It'll be paid off just like my student loans were paid off. The first year of college hit us hard, but I was out of state then. Once I turned in-state, I received college scholarships each semester that covered the rest of my four years of education. Not sure what good my degree does me, but I can at least say I have it. That is a story for another time though.

Finances are just hard though. Our savings are next to nothing now, and we keep looking for more ways to stretch our dollars. Bills are always due it seems. My dad works, but sometimes those bills come in when we're in between checks. It always seems to happen that way anyway. I know there are ways to get money until you get your paycheck, you can see places like payday loan archives to see about those. It seems there is a lot to worry about when it comes to those types of loans just by glancing at a few of the articles. I hate loans though. I know some might see a credit card as a short term loan, but I've never seen them that way. Maybe I am one of the few. I don't have another credit card though. Everything goes straight through my debit card and from one of accounts. I learned my credit lesson early on and well. Can't say the same for my dad, but yet again that is a story for another time!


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