Food and dieting

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Since junior high school Ive fought a constant battle with my weight. I've weghed as much as two hundred pounds, and as little as one hundred and forty. It jumped back and forth during my college years. I am somewhere around one hundred and sixty now I think, which isn't a bad weight, but not skinny either. I love food. Simply put. I eat what I want. I don't really limit myself. The last few months, I've started walking though. A mile or two every other day. I've seen an increase in energy for one since I started, and I am hoping to see a drop in weight.

There are many reasons why people eat. Some are more emotional. I know if I'm upset or stressed I look for food. It's a natural reaction for me. A program found online at helps people look at the reasons why they eat the way they do in order to help them lose weight. By going to the website, you can find a free interactive session and full report focusing on you. All of this online. I think that makes it easier.


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