Finding Love

Friday, March 21, 2008

A few days ago on my blog here, I mentioned about men and how they seem to find it necessary to hoot and holler when they see an attractive woman. Not all men do this. Some are actually very gentleman like and they avoid behavior such as this. I am a single woman. I am a very busy and picky single woman. I don't do many relationships. As I've said before, I've had more luck writing romance than being in a romance. I have hope that may someday change for me, but I'm not allowing myself to worry about it. I'm happy as I am right now, and I do have an interest in someone, but they happen to be one of those unattainable options at the moment because of distance. With the Internet though, you can use online personals to discover new friends or make a romantic connection. I know to some it may seem kind of odd, but I do actually know of people that had met online and gone to have great relationships. Some have even married. It is starting to happen more and more often really. There are many ways to meet people these days. Whether or not you use a service you have found online or a more traditional approach love is out there to be found if you just look for it.


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