Heating Up

Monday, March 10, 2008

Here in Arizona it is already starting to get warm. In other parts of the country, there was snow last week. As of this moment, the temperature here in my local area, according to my weather program in my system tray, is 81 degrees. A nice spring day. I went out for my walk earlier, and there was even a light breeze. It's really just a nice day out. Reminds me of a nice California day. A day like today would be a nice one to spend at the beach. I lived in California half my life, and the beach was a favorite. I didn't get to go much, but the times I did go I always enjoyed myself.

There is just something about the beach. Walking by it, being near it, the smell of the ocean air, people walking and riding along. You see people on roller skates and beach bikes. Bikes like the one in this picture from Cruiser Style. I haven't been on either in years, but they are fun. I just stick to my own two feet more often than not. Either that or car. I'm really just enjoying the weather we're having right now here in Arizona, and it is making me miss home just a little bit. I don't remember the last time I went back to California. I still have family there, and we talk as much as we can. There isn't nothing that compares to actually seeing someone though.


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