For Beer Drinkers

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I have always been a beer drinking. Since I turned the age where I could drink, I started drinking beer. My dad is a beer drinker, so there is always beer in the house to drink. I have my favorites. I love a good Corona with some lime. I like a nice dark beer from time to time. Usually though, it is a nice Miller beer, or a Coors beer. The only times I've had a light beer is when my dad has bought it by accident, or if we were out and that's all they had. I remember drinking a light beer when I went to our church's fair with my dad. They have a Budweiser booth, and since I'm not a huge fan of Budweiser, I usually grab a light beer instead.

Sitting here, I just realized that was almost a year ago. My church has a fair every March, and it almost feels like yesterday we went to the last one. Today is March 1st though, so it is about time to go again. That is just insane to me really. There are times when it feels like time is just moving so slow, and then there are times when it hits you that time is really moving quite fast. If you're a beer drinker though, there is a new contest going that you can enter using your cell phone. The prize is a $300 gift card to Amazon. Answer a few simple questions about your beer drinking preferences and you can win. I'm an Amazon shopper, so I might just enter this myself. To take part in the survey and enter the contest, text the word beer to 247365.


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