Love is in the air

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I have always loved love. It just doesn't love me most of the time. I think that is why I went into writing romantic stories. I love people coming together and forming relationships that make them completely happy. I'm a romantic. I love hearing a good love story. Reading one. Watching one on the screen. I'm the type that cries at happy endings. I want to see it. I love the concept of love, even though I'm very single. I have better luck writing about love than actually experiencing it myself. I think there are so many ways to show you love someone.

Some think its gifts that are the way to win someone's heart, but words can be just as good. An I love you letter can just be the sweetest thing. I love writing them myself. Just putting my all into a letter letting the person I love how I feel. There are many other romantic ideas you can use to show how you feel too. I can be the biggest romantic sap in the world. I just tend to throw that all into my writing when I can. Even though it is just a character feeling those things, it can still bring a big smile to my face because I'm the one creating it.


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