Blogging Your Blessings

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tonight around the globe cities took part in Earth Hour. Between the hours of 8 and 9pm, you were asked to turn off all unnecessary lights to help combat global warming and climate change. I live in Phoenix, one of the flagship cities participating in the project that started off last year with only one city, Sydney. In the Australian city last year, 2.2 million people turned their lights off. Tonight, there is no real way of knowing yet just how many took part. My dad and I took part. Shut off all the lights and with flash lights in hand sat in the dark for an hour. Me with my MP3 player, and he checking the TV guide.

The Earth is a blessing. Having this planet to call home is a blessing, and things are changing. Just this week a piece of ice in Antartica that is seven times the size of Manhattan broke off. This is due to global warming. It isn't a myth. It is a problem, and in time we might not have a planet livable for us. We need to do what we can now to save it so that it is our home for many generations to come. Every little bit helps.


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