Black Friday Is HERE!

Friday, November 23, 2007

But I'm not out in the stores like I have been in past years. My mom used to love the Black Friday sales. We used to spend all day at the mall shopping, but after she passed on I stopped seeing the point. These days you can shop online, and I have my eye on a couple of deals. I might check out a few of the sites now to see if anything catches my eye. The stores were probably insane this morning anyway. I had planned to go out and see August Rush today, but there is still no car here. We're having it looked at later today. Plus, somehow August Rush seems to have been rated 1/2 out of a possible 4 stars. Ouch. I could go see The Mist instead, but I might just wait for my movie trip until next Friday.

Awake, the new Jessica Alba movie, comes out then, and I am really excited to see it. She filmed it a couple of years ago, and some are saying it is her break out role. I'd love to see her do something serious and get more recognition than she does. She is always cast in these roles as the hot chick, and she has some great potential. At least I think she does. She has been one of my favorite actresses since Dark Angel came out years ago. I still love that show, and I even have the DVD's for both seasons. It really got a bad deal from Fox, but Fox is known for giving it series trouble. What movies are you venturing out to see this weekend? Check out the trailer for Awake below.


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