Blogging My Blessings 11/4

Sunday, November 04, 2007

If this was a couple of months ago, I probably wouldn't have never even thought of doing a post like this. I didn't think my life was very blessed at all. I have written about things not going well here the past month, and life has taken a turn. I think its good to always recognize the good in life, and it is that good in life, no matter how small it may be that keeps me going. This week I'm blessed because I've overcome the negative in my life that last few months, and I'm still here. Stronger for it. Let's see what is in store for me this week.


Blue Panther said...

Welcome to the BYB Sunday!

I hope you have a great week ahead.

P.S. -Added you to the blogroll too!

Regina Avalos said...


Nancyrowina said...

Welcome to the gang and happy BYB Sunday, it's sometimes hard to think of blessings but taking part in this helps.

Regina Avalos said...

Thanks for the welcome!

Sandy Carlson said...

Welcome to BYB Sunday. God bless,

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