Making It Through

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Finances are always a problem in my house. Things are tight. My dad works. My brother coaches. I help out where I can. We all chip in somehow. At the end of the month, we're just trying to scrape by, and there have been times in the last couple few months where things have been especially difficult. A few unexpected bills and repairs came up that none of us really could expect. We have one car that kept breaking down, but right now it is the only car we have. Over the summer though, it was breaking down constantly, and it cost money to repair. I think I lost count on how many times my father came to me to borrow money. Money I gladly loaned him. He hasn't been able to pay me back yet, but I'm not worried about it.

On television, I'm always seeing these commercials for these payday loan places, and I always wonder about them. I know if my dad didn't have me when his car broke down, there would have been a definite problem. He might have had to go to a place like that. I found one online called No Fax Payday Loans. Just apply online, and they will give you a loan quote with no credit check required. It sounds harmless enough. Looks easy enough, but you never know. I know a lot of people do it too. If I was in a bind I probably would to, and my father would have to resort to something like this if things had continued. The bad thing about loans when you're already in trouble, the money just keeps adding up. That's the bad part.


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