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Monday, November 19, 2007

Back Pain. Leg pain. Neck pain. It is something, we know well in my family. We all experience it. I know I certainly do. My father probably has it the worst though. I've mentioned him a lot lately on this blog, and that is easy to do because I see him every day. He suffers from each and every single day and night. At eighty-one, he has lived a long life, and he has suffered a lot of injuries over the years. From playing sports, being in the military, and just living his life everyday. Now he suffers from Arthritis pain every single night. His knees and legs hurt him more than anything, and he uses cremes and other treatments every night before he goes to sleep. I hate to see him in such pain.

He has used a number of different treatments to help him with his aches and pains, and some are better than others. A few months ago, I remember receiving a sample of Freeze It Gel. It did work on the pain, but we haven't tried it again. My father is one of those types that tends to stick to something if it ends up working with him, and he's found something at that moment that seems to be doing the job.

Freeze It can help with any number of ailments you may suffer including back pain, arthritis pain and any of those pains you may have to deal with before you go to bed each night. I suffer from neck pain myself, and there are times where the pain is just unbearable. I'll try anything to try and find relief. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way. Pain comes with old age, but I still don't like to witness my dad in pain. He's lived a full life, and he is still doing so to this day. He works forty hours a week, and I know that doesn't help matters. He won't stop though. At least not yet. Check out this commercial for Freeze It!


BZ said...

I feel you on the back pain! I have degenerative disc disease and it causes bouts of debilitating pain a couple times a year. UGH! Heating pads, percocet and flexeril are a regular part of my routine. *sigh*

My first time here. I'll have to return!

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