Thinking ahead

Friday, November 09, 2007

A couple of nights ago, I mentioned my grandmother. She and I were never all that close, but my father loved her more than anything. He was the oldest boy in the family, and he was definitely mama's boy. She died a few years ago at almost 103. That just amazes me to this day. The last ten years of her life she lived in a nursing home. Up until then, she lived with my aunt in a small house in Echo Park. The only reason why she moved to a home is because my aunt died, and no one else could care for my grandmother. She was of sound mind, but she couldn't move around on her own all that well being in nineties.

Caring for the elderly is important. People are staying alive longer, and making sure they have good care is important. The elderly have lived long productive lives. Men like my father still work and contribute to society well into their eighties. My father one day may go into a nursing home himself, and I dread that day really. I know I won't be able to care for my dad forever, and it is good to know that when the time comes I'll have help. There are organizations and doctors that will be there. Online I found this one site on nursing homes with information on choosing the best one for your loved one. They also have other helpful information.

I'm hoping the time I will need this information is a long way off, but it is always good to plan ahead. You never know what could happen. Hard to think about, but it is the reality.


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