Dancing With The Stars Finale Tonight

Monday, November 26, 2007

I've been hooked on this show since season one, and I'm all ready for tonight's finale. I'd been Team Garth since day one this season, but she is no longer in the running. I'd really love to see woman win this year. We haven't had one since Kelly Monaco won season one, and that was just a joke. Don't get me started on what a joke that was. The lone man left this year is actually favored to win it all. I am throwing my support behind Mel B. Who are you wanting to win it all this season?


Dan said...

what channel is that show?.hehe i hven't watch that yet but in your case,the way you express your great passion on that show,.its like its been part of your daily habits. just dropping by.

Dan said...

love your site,.its so simple.

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