The No Good Very Bad Day

Saturday, November 24, 2007

As it turns out, it wasn't just the fuel pump with the car. They talked about water pumps and timing belts and God knows what else. Thing is it is our only source of transportation in the house. The bad news is to fix it we will need to pay out nearly $1500 dollars. I know the streak of good luck wouldn't last for long. Hopefully, nothing else happens. I'll just try re-crossing those fingers, and I'll try to distract myself with a movie or two. Saturday is always good for that at least. I have a bunch of new DVD's too. Today has just been a lousy day.


Suzi said...

You have my sympathy. Empathy, really, as we had a similar car repair bill just yesterday. Nice welcome to the holiday season, huh?

Regina Avalos said...

Such a great start! Sorry to hear of your car troubles.

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