Catching Up

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

You know what I've noticed with the strike? It is letting me catch up with my television. I think I have episodes of Supernatural, a couple of Cane and last week's Moonlight and Ugly Betty to watch before I'm all caught up. Earlier, I watched this week's The Unit. I normally don't like watching military type programs or movies, but The Unit grabs me. This week, the final moments where Williams dies practically killed me because I didn't see him dying at all. I love when television shows or movies can come at you with something you didn't see coming.

I ordered Black Hawk Down the other day, and it has been shipped. I went and found a deal on the special 3 disc edition on E-bay. I can't wait for that to arrive. I have some other things coming in the mail too. I've had some extra money the last few days, so I'm spoiling myself a little. It feels good to do. I love books and DVD's, and I know how to find the best deals online now. You just need to look for them.


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