Feeling Good

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I may not be feeling the best physically the last couple of days, but I'm feeling mentally good. That's important. I suffer from depression and agoraphobia, and while in the shower today I had this sudden urge to go for a walk. When I have those little urges, I follow through on them because as an agoraphobic person they don't come often. When I go out, I usually work on some kind of reward system. Even something as small as picking up something to eat on the way home. 

The first week of NaBloPoMo is over, and I'm glad to say I've posted something everyday. Sometimes more than once a day. It helped me get back into gear with things here.Today I walked the half mile up to the discount store near my house, and I picked up a bunch of things that caught my eye. New shiny pens and pencils. Some other items. Came home, and two of my shipments from Half.com came in. A nice book, and another DVD I picked up. Both in good condition. The book in already broken in a little, and it is all ready for me to read.

I've also rejoined up as a Blogcritic. I used to write with that site back when I started this blog, and I decided to give it another go. I have a few review items coming to me, so keep an eye on this blog for when I post reviews on that site! I need to write something up this week sometime. I have a few new things I've picked up, so I'll pick one of those. Just need to decide on what!


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