There Is No Place Like Home

Friday, November 16, 2007

I've always lived in apartments. I've wanted to have a home of my own someday, but I've never managed to get into one. I'm happy where I live. I'm the type of person that doesn't like to move from place to place. Growing up, my family lived in the same apartment until I was eighteen years old, and then I moved from dorm to dorm for a couple of years before we settled in this apartment. On December 2nd, we'll have been here twelve years. The new owners are planning to remodel all the apartments in the building, and ours will be done sometime early next year. New carpets, new window coverings, new floors in the bathroom and kitchen and just new everything. It will be a hassle moving furniture around and stuff, but it will still be our apartment just so much better once its done. I've stayed in hotels for trips, and I don't mind them at all, but it still isn't home. I never feel totally comfortable in them.

I know it sounds silly, but the saying 'there is no place like home' really does apply to me. I know there are even people out there that actually live in hotels, and that is just something I could never quite understand. My dad has been talking about going away for the holidays, and I think I'd love that. If we ever could think of affording it, I'd love something like these Luxury Holiday Apartments. It might cost a bit more, but it might a bit more home like. Maybe anyway. First, we need to be able to afford a holiday trip. Then we can worry about where we are going to stay.


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