It's coming back

Friday, November 16, 2007

I have always been a huge fan of the Terminator series of movies. I'm so unbelievably excited for the new series coming to Fox in January. Yesterday, new posters were released, and I am completely in love. I've been waiting to see this show since it was announced. Fox is never good to mid-season replacements, but with the strike Fox might just keep The Sarah Connor Chronicles around for a bit. I'm hoping they do. Lena Headey, from Imagine Me & You and other films, is playing Sarah Connor, the role made known by Linda Hamilton.

I love Linda, and I loved her as Sarah Connor. She was also amazing in the television series, Beauty & The Beast, if anyone remembers that show. I'm curious to see Lena's take on the role. In other terminator news, McG has just signed on to direct the next Terminator film, Terminator 4. We will finally get to see the war with the machines that has only been talked about since the first film came out over twenty years ago. Exciting to me as a fan.


camalich said...

Wow. This looks interesting. Never thought there would be a 4th Terminator movie.

Thanks ;)

LJP said...

Enjoyed the 3rd one even though I was dubious at first. Very exciting if they keep it up!

TaraMetBlog said...

I like that this will be a series instead of yet another movie. Sarah Conner made #2 awesome, so it will be cool to learn more about her character.

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