Credit? What Credit?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Whenever the phone rings in our house, it seems it is another advertising call. On any given day, our house phone can ring up to ten to fifteen times. Yes, that much. It gets annoying. We've actually started taking our phone off the hook because we have a cell phone in the house anyway. Today, for some reason the phone was on the hook, and in the past two hours we've had it ring five times. Two of them I could tell were creditors calling for my dad. He never talks to them, and yes that means he doesn't have the best of credit. At over eighty years of age, money is tight. He makes barely enough to live on with his pension and social security. He also works forty hours a week, and he has been for the last ten years. I honestly think the day my dad quits working is the day he will die. He can't stay inside and do nothing all day. Never has been that type at all.

His credit is lousy though. Where he works there are layoffs, and this means no overtime hours either. Of course, most of his credit problems could have been avoided with better budgeting and cutting costs here and there, but you tell that to a man in his eighties. My credit isn't picture perfect either, but it is nowhere near as bad as is. As with anything, there is always people out there to help you out. When it comes to credit, it is no different. You have bad credit? Well, you can get bad credit loans. Might not sound like the best idea. Getting money to pay money is always something I've hated to do, but sometimes you have to. That is just one site I found for people with bad credit. It helps you find the best offer for you to hopefully improve things.

I help my dad as much as I can, loaning him money here and there, but just isn't enough. He's already done credit counseling once, and if these calls keep coming in like they are, we might need to look into it again. We get those calls too. I swear some days the phone doesn't stop ringing. Just while writing this post, the phone rang four times. I'm tempted to go shut the ringer off now. The ringing is giving me a headache!


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