What a day

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm anxiously awaiting tonight's episode of Dancing With The Stars. I've been Team Jennie from the very beginning, and I would love to see her make it into next week's finals. I truly think the last spot is between her and Marie Osmond. The other two spots will be snatched up by Mel B. and the lone male dancer left in the competition. That is a bit of a switch from past years. It is usually the women that end up going first. I think this might be the best competition we've had for this series yet. Everyone is on top of their game, and they all really deserve a spot in the finals. Who are you hoping makes it? Speaking of dancing shows, what do you think of the new spin-off ABC has been promoting with Bruce and Carrie Anne, Dance Wars? It looks interesting.


Cheri said...

Ahhh....a fellow 90210 fan? Damn it all to hell that Jennie was voted off tonight! Marie should've gone a LONG time ago.

Regina Avalos said...

Yes a fellow 90210 fan, and I'm a fan of Jennie's husband as well. I was so upset to see Jennie sent home. I think Marie is good, but she might be getting the vote out of sympathy for all the things that have happened to her this season.

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