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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Television isn't supposed to make you cry, but last night it did to me. I was watching The Unit on CBS, and on last week's episode one of the five main characters died. It was sudden and unexpected and it was just plain good television how they played it out. They had one almost dying the whole entire episode, and then out of nowhere one of the others is shot, and he dies instantly. Last night, we saw his death dealt with, and at the end of the episode where they showed his memorial service and his name was called with no one to stand up for it, I teared up a little.

The Unit is one of my favorite shows, and I say this time and again, but I'm not one for military related programming. This show gets to me though, and it has since the very beginning. I hate guns. I hate them. I think the most I'd ever be able to handle is a paint ball gun. I don't know why, but that looks fun to me. Whenever I see people playing paint ball or read about it somewhere, I also think how fun it looks. Probably seems weird, but people do look like they are having fun, and it helps get some unwanted aggression out. I know a lot of people are into it, and you can even buy a paintball gun package online.

It looks like a sport that people can have fun with anyway. Using paint ball guns you can have just a bit of fun, let out some anger and be around others. That is the only type of gun I see myself handling.


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