The week begins

Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Monday is here. A good many of you have the day off today for the holiday, and I hope you enjoy it. Checking out the news today, I find that on the strike front it looks like we have our first non-writer causalities. The people at The Office have laid off a good many of their behind the scenes staff with both writer's and actors from that series on strike. Also looks like fans of Scrubs will not be getting a series finale. That's how it looks like now anyway. Hopefully this doesn't continue on for too long. This is the end of the first week, and things are already looking dicey.

I have television to catch up on, but I'm almost tempted to save some of these in case the series I watch end up disappearing in the weeks ahead. Of course, less television to watch means more time to do other things, and then there is always DVD's too. I'm becoming an E-bay addict. I'm trying to resist, but I'm learning how to work the auctions, and I've been winning a few of them. Mostly low priced DVD's. I love DVD's. I might go through my collection, and sell a few I don't want anymore. I know there are some I never watch. Maybe I'll do that later.


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