Just one of those days!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

First the shower goes cold, then I keep getting this same email from one of the sites I signed up at a couple of weeks ago, and then I spilled a drink all over myself. Definitely one of those days you wonder if you broke a mirror some place and you just don't realize it. Oh well. The day goes on. I've been getting back to my old routine as far as blogging goes. It keeps me focused. I hopped around a bit, checked out some news sites.

Tonight is Dancing With The Stars, and we will see who is sent home this week. Sabrina was sent home last week, and everyone was shocked. Last night, those left showed their support with small cheetah paw print tattoos. The kind that wash off of course. Word has been released that since she was eliminated last week, she she begun to see her partner in a romantic sense. This has happened in the past with the show. I am pretty Mario Lopez and his partner had some kind of relationship. I don't follow up on things like that, but they looked pretty cozy during their season. Just in the last hour, I heard that Marie Osmond's father passed away. I am pretty sure this news will hit her hard, and there is no telling if she will appear on tonight's episode. Jane Seymour lost her mother during this season as well. My thoughts are with Marie and her family. I think Donny was in the audience last night to. Either last night or last week. I know I saw him there in support of Marie recently.

Another interesting little tidbit out of the news that caught my eye is about Radiohead's latest release, In Rainbows. The group offered their CD online last night via their own website saying fans could pay what they think they should for the digital release of the CD. Over sixty percent paid nothing for the download. Ouch! The remaining number paid six dollars or lower. I haven't heard the CD for myself, but that is just amazing to me. Goes to show you that maybe new media isn't all it is cracked up to be. The WGA is on strike looking for revenue from these online ventures, and people won't even pay for a CD. The strike is on day two as of now, and I know of three more shows that have stopped filming altogether until the strike ends. Two of those shows being Fox's 'Til Death and CBS' Rules of Engagement. Just heard that production has halted on Desperate Housewives as well. Hopefully things are resolved soon.


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