The Mobile Generation

Thursday, November 08, 2007

You go out these days and you see everyone with a cell phone. We have one here in the house, and I honestly think we use it more than we use our house phone. We even shut off long distance on our house line because we get free long distance on our cell. If we need to make a call long distance to send a fax, we can still do that by using one of those call around numbers available.

Twenty years ago, this technology wasn't readily available to us. Today, cell phones are so high tech. You can watch television shows and videos. You can download music mp3's to them. You can even surf the internet. I know of at least one acquaintance of mine that practically lives on their cell phone. My brother is always on is texting or making calls. I just grab his phone when I want to make calls long distance. It really is a life saver. Mobile billing gives us all we need with our cell. We don't have to worry about paying high per minute charges with our long distance. He also has texting, and soon I know he will be adding email and Internet to his phone. All covered by one bill.

I know in time cell phone technology will only advance further. Do you remember the cell phones we had out ten or fifteen years ago? They were big and bulky. Now they are pocket sized, and they just keep getting smaller. Today, I found one article on mobile phone technology, and how it is used in marketing. More and more companies are making mobile products. A few years ago, sms marketing wasn't even something I would think about it, but with the technology and how it has progressed it is now an option. You have to wonder what they will come up with next. Seriously. Things just keep changing. My dad even knows how to work a cell phone. Trust me, that is a sight to see! At least, he hasn't asked to use my computer yet.


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