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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Stephanie over at the Divas Forum posted some snippets from a Canadian article about television and which shows are affected and how. It is quite an extensive list, so I'll link to the article here.

The ones that stood out to me are below:

Cane (Global, CBS) - All 13 episodes are expected to be ready, although filming was disrupted briefly Monday and the production moved to a different location. No more episodes have been ordered.

Grey's Anatomy (CTV, ABC - 10 episodes are expected to be ready, though production on a two-part episode scheduled for Dec. 6 and Dec. 13 may be suspended ahead of time.

Heroes (Global, NBC) - 11 episodes are ready, with the final new episode to air Dec. 3.

Lost (CTV, ABC) - Nine of 16 episodes are expected to be ready. Scheduled for midseason; no debut date as yet.

Moonlight (CTV, CBS) - 12 of an initial 13 episodes will be ready. No more episodes have been ordered.

Update for Lost fans:
ABC said that as of now, it is sticking with its plan to air the eight episodes it has of "Lost" -- this coming on the day that Fox announced that it will bench its own serialized midseason thriller, "24".

"Lost" executive producer Damon Lindelof said Wednesday that the final episode that has been written ends in a cliffhanger that will not be resolved for viewers until after the strike. But Fox decided not to run a partial season of "24", instead benching the Monday-night drama pending the outcome of the strike.

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